The Jazz Club

The Jazz Club

A quintessential New York concept reimagined by Aman, the Jazz Club brings a sense of occasion back to Midtown Manhattan in speakeasy style. Nightly live performances include jazz, alongside a range of other genres that stem from this great class of music, while an array of New York DJs invoke the energy of celebration and the nostalgia of years-gone-by.

In homage to the city’s many cultures, inventive cocktails, the finest wines and spirits and a light fare menu showcase flavors from across the Aman globe, accompanied by world class entertainment and the most intimate of atmospheres.

Awaken the senses and embark on a rhythmic journey from one era to the next, until you arrive exactly where you want to be.


Reservations are required.

Events at The Jazz Club

Explore upcoming events at The Jazz Club in Midtown, Manhattan.
World class live music, living-room inspired DJ sets and more.

December Programme


Joe Block - Brian Newman - DJ Eric Meyerson


Kelly Green - Danny Lipsitz - DJ Chris Liggio


Brianna Swann - Brian Newman - DJ Maxime Pasquier


Bryan Eng - Brian Newman - DJ Jeremy Bastard


Sean Fitzpatrick - Nir Felder - DJ Frank Delour

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